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Our Company

Edge Fleet Nig Ltd:- is an active Certified International Trade Brokers who work together to fill the needs and provide services to respective customers.

Our primary goal is to connect buyers and sellers, both domestically and internationally in nations across the globe. We also aim to identify the specific needs in order to provide quality service for clients. In addition, identifying reliable suppliers with the right products and conditions to promote long term business relationships.
Edge Fleet


We help present our client’s products or services in the best light to maximize sale price and market expansion. We understand what buyers are looking for, thus ensuring the best selling experience possible for all parties involved.


Customer Value

Our clients are a part of our extended family. Therefore, we are always looking for ways to assist you in expanding your business in the global market.

Business Continuity

We concentrate on core aspects of international business so you can focus on basic business needs.

Quality Services

Our years of experience in international business ensure the best services for our clients.